Study Number






Period 1 Check in:
Sunday Dec 14th

Period 1 Check out:
Tuesday Dec 16th

Period 1 Outpatient Visits:
Tuesday Dec 16th

Period 2 Check in:
Sunday Dec 21st

Period 2 Check out:
Tuesday Dec 23rd

Period 2 Outpatient Visits:
Tuesday Dec 23rd

Period 3 Check in:
Sunday Dec 28th

Period 3 Check out:
Tuesday Dec 30th

Period 3 Outpatient Visits:
Tuesday Dec 30th

Period 4 Check in:
Sunday Jan 4th

Period 4 Check out:
Tuesday Jan 6th

Period 4 Outpatient Visits:
Tuesday Jan 6th

Males and Females

18 to 55

BMI 18 to 32

Up to $2400 San Antonio Clinic

Study Information Hotlines:
512 345 0032 (Austin)
210 635 1515 (San Antonio)
800 580 2184 (Toll Free)

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about your current or previous study participation, please contact the Subject Advocate at